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Good clients send screenshots. Great clients use Feedbackable.

Get feedback & annotations from your team or client, directly on the website.
Say goodbye to email chains, messages & word documents.

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Collect & share design feedback easily

Say goodbye to email chains full of screenshots

Super simple feedback

It’s so easy, clients, designers & QA can leave feedback with ease.

Screenshots and browser data are recorded so you don’t have to waste time asking questions!

No complicated setup, start getting feedback instantly

Get started in seconds

No code snippets or browser extensions. Just start getting feedback on your live site, dev site, staging site, anywhere!

Dedicated feedback board

*Integrations coming soon

All your feedback: one place

Keep track of all your bugs and feedback in one place! Organise your board how you want.

Visual feedback with annotations

Keep the whole team on the same page

Say goodbye to email chains, word docs and messages. With Feedbackable, your whole team can see the feedback, and clients can even add items!

Feedbackable is for...

Feedbackable is designed for anyone who builds, develops, designs or maintains websites or apps. Feedbackable is designed to give you a tool to easily collect, organise & manage feedback from your clients, team and stakeholders.

Web development agencies

Quit receiving Word documents full of screenshots and unactionable feedback.

New website builds

Make QA and user testing easier on new website builds. Manage stakeholder expectations and feedback easily.

Marketing agencies

Making changes to landing pages is much easier with organised and streamlined visual feedback.

Digital teams

Keep your whole team on the same page. Manage feedback from all stakeholders in one location.


All your feedback and bug reports in one place. Stop chasing emails, scribbled notes, text documents for the right feedback or piece of copy. Organise all your feedback in one board. *Coming soon: integrations!


Zero click install! Simply enter your dev/staging/live site URL in the app and start collecting and dealing with feedback and bug reports in seconds. No code snippets, no browser extensions.


Work collaboratively with your development & design teams, with private projects. Need feedback or bug reports from clients or even users? Collect feedback from unlimited guests.

Get on the same page as your clients

Stop wasting time deciphering unactionable feedback.

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Get feedback on a live website or design in seconds